Dog Training Books

Making training effective and fun!

Making training effective and fun!

JennaLee Gallicchio has been professionally helping people train their dogs since 2004.  Her books are easy to read and apply.  She teaches you the key components you need to train your dog while allowing you to pick what is important to you.

Her dogs are her family and not perfect.  She is a human being first and a dog trainer second, which means that just like you, her dogs have issues to work through.  Having worked through these challenges herself, she knows what it takes to teach new and appropriate behaviors. She personally knows the frustration that can come with changing, not just for the dog but more importantly the human!

Jenna has three dog training books available in print, kindle edition and in audio form. She is working on on additional books at this very moment.

Her goal is to create easy to read and apply products that leave you feeling confident in your ability to work with your dog.  Almost as important as making sure you feel confident is helping your dog to enjoy the training.  A happy owner and a happy dog is the ideal outcome and what Jenna wants to help you accomplish.


Give Your Dog A Bone Series (Books 1 and 2, (3 and 4 COMING SOON!))
How To Become A Dog Nail Trimming Ninja (Nail Trimming Made Easy) – COMING SOON!