Meet Jenna



My name is JennaLee Gallicchio. I am (excitedly) a best selling international author and a professional dog trainer.  An avid-animal lover I thrive on working with dogs and their people.

There is nothing more satisfying then leaving a previously struggling family with a bunch of smiles (both the two-legged and four legged kind) .

My inspiration for creating these dog training booklets, is to help people all over the world that I would never be able to help otherwise.

Taking the frustration out of training and putting the fun back is my ultimate goal.  I want you to remember why it was that you brought that adorable four legged creature home in the first place!

I know there is nothing like having a deep, joyful connection with your dog. One that stems from mutual respect and love. I had that with my Mattie and am lucky to enjoy it with each new dog who comes into my life.  Whether they are mine or one I am training.  I want it for you too and I know you can have it!

Jenna and Mattie

Me & Mattie

My road to professional dog training unknowingly began when I adopted a puppy who I named Mattie. I had no idea how much he would change my life or frustrate me.  Prior to bringing Mattie home I had the “Perfect” dog, Sydney and I naively believed all dogs were like him.

Mattie was a handful and I almost gave up on him.  I was in over my head, beyond frustrated and I didn’t know what to do.  I hired a trainer to come work with (save) me and began learning a new way to communicate with him.

It was during this time that Sydney passed away.  Devastated by the loss but finding myself with one dog and no excuses, Mattie and I began a journey that would change both our lives.

Sadly I lost Mattie in March of 2013 but the journey we started continues to this day.  I am very fortunate to have Ryder, my amazingly, brilliant gentle pup who chose to share his life with me.  I am so happy he knew, and got to learn from, his big brother Mattie, just like I did.

Mattie & Ryder showing off their manners!

Mattie & Ryder showing off their manners!

When you read my books I hope you feel that they are coming from a place of love.

I truly want you to have the best possible relationship you can with your dog.

I want you to let your pup be who they are but know how teach them when and where to contain their natural enthusiasm and doggieness.

I can’t tell you enough how everything I’ve learned, and continue to learn, enriches my life with more love and joy than I ever thought possible.  I hope that I am able to give that to you too and that these tiny pieces of me change your live.

Thank you for reading!